278: Was Platt Wrong to Pray for President Trump? [Part 2]

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U.S. President Donald Trump appeared at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia on June 2, 2019 where prominent pastor and author David Platt serves as the  primary teaching pastor. Eventually President Trump was invited on to the stage to be prayed for by Pastor David Platt.

Within hours there was plenty of backlash on social media, some of it hurled at Donald Trump, but much of it hurled at Pastor David Platt. Several days after this prayer, and after the social media uproar, Kenny posted an episode about the event (277: Was David Platt Wrong to Pray for President Trump?). Therein Kenny addressed whether or not it was appropriate for Platt to pray for the president as he did. Kenny explains the importance of being sensitive and tactful, however he also encouraged the listeners to remember passages of scripture such as 1 Timothy 2 that tell us to pray for our leaders.

After posting that episode, Kenny had multiple conversations and social media interactions with various people. Many people reacted with the attitude that asserted: “Of course it’s fine for Platt to pray for the president” which helped Kenny realized that many people are unaware of the trauma caused to some people by the current political climate.

After posting episode 277, Kenny also realized that many evangelicals (especially many white evangelicals) are not willing to be sensitive to those around them, and many of them make little effort to seek to understand the perspectives of other people (especially people of color). This prompted Kenny to address these concerns herein this episode.