274: How to Determine Who Are the False Teachers?

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This episode is a follow-up to the previous episode wherein Kenny talked about how to handle false teachers, even when we have been somehow benefited by those preachers’ teachings or writings. There is a lot of controversy in our modern Christian context about how we ought to our approach the topic of heresies and false teachings.

It seems like many people are afraid to discuss this. One reason some people feel uncomfortable with the topic is because they may not know how to determine if someone is a false teacher or not.

In this episode Kenny answers the question “How do we determine whether or not a particular preacher is a false teacher?”

Kenny gives one thing he does not do, that we ought not do, that is we should not label anyone a heretic just because they disagree with our view. There’s more to it that that.

The Kenny gives us the six things he uses to help determine which preachers are safe and helpful versus the preachers that are harmful and dangerous. Those six things are:

1- The Bible

2- Early church writings

3- Ancient creeds and statements from the ecumenical councils

4- Confessions and catechisms from Reformation era

5- The opinions of wise pastors I Kenny trusts

6- Determine if the doctrine or ideology being taught is detrimental to the believers