265: What is the “Fine Tuning” Argument?

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There are many arguments for the existence of a Creator. One of the arguments is the fine tuning Argument.

The fine-tuning argument is a philosophical and scientific argument that asserts that the universe is perfectly fine-tuned and specifically designed for life as we know it. Therefore, the likelihood of the universe coming about by accidence is extremely low. It is much more likely that the universe was intentionally created by some intelligent powerful being and specifically crafted for life.

There are older variations of this argument but the contemporary variation of the fine tuning argument developed in response to many of the remarkable discoveries made throughout the twentieth century in the fields of astronomy, physics, and Big Bang cosmology.

In this episode, Kenny explains this argument and shares various pieces of data that demonstrate why the fine-tuning argument is so compelling.

Kenny helps us see that when we rationally and objectively observe the universe, we see that the universe has been perfectly crafted and intentional designed in a manner that is literally the most ideal environment for human life to exist and flourish. This is especially seen through the newest developments and discoveries from the genres of cosmology and physics.

According to many physicists, the fact that the universe is able to support life depends delicately on various forces and fundamental characteristics, that if they were altered by even a small amount life as we know it simply could not exist. Even religious scientists and philosophers must concede that this could have all happened by accident.

However, all honest observers, religious or non-religious, must admit that the statistical probability that this happened all by itself by accident is simply minuscule, and that it actually defies logic that it came about by random chance.

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