257: Refuting Naturalism

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Many people claim to be committed to “science” or claim to be focused on “the evidence” and they demand that every argument and every theory within our natural realm and world solely be argued for (or against) with only secular, natural, and/or physical arguments. This philosophy, called naturalism, is embraced by many people in the Western world today.

Many secular progressives (and their contemporary ideological allies) assert things such as “We are committed to evidence” and they make comments like “Christians are only focused on faith, not evidence.” However, while this philosophy is prevalent, is this philosophy really sound? And are the naturalists actually being honest in their evaluation of the known evidence?

In this episode, Kenny explains why this philosophy of naturalism is flawed and presents quotes from well known naturalists that show the flaws in this philosophy. Kenny presents information from the worlds of physics, biology, cosmology, and philosophy. He quotes from known philosophers, scientists, and writers such as Antony Flew, Richard Lewontin, Thomas Nagel, Edward Hobble, and Stephen Hawking, and David Brooks, demonstrating that naturalism is an irrational and inconsistent worldview.