248: How Old Is the Universe? (Short Version)

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This episode is somewhat unique in that it covers material from a previous episode, but in a shorter time. This episode covers the same content that is covered in episode 247 however this episode aims to cover the material is much less time (this episode is less than 17 minutes while episode 247 is nearly 45 minutes long).

Questions and topics related to the origins of humanity, the age of the universe, and the age of the Earth often come up in debates and conversations whenever Christians are seeking to reconcile the words of Scripture with the ideologies from the world of science.

The five views that Kenny talks about:

1- Secular Evolution

2- Young Earth and Literal Six-Day Creation

3- Old Earth with “Days” of creation being metaphoric

4- Old Earth with Gap Theory

5- Old Earth with Historical Creationism

In this episode Kenny also foreshadows the content of episode 249 wherein Kenny will tackle a sixth view known as theistic evolution, the concept that God guided and shepherded the process of evolution to the result that He wanted.