245: Should We Judge Preachers Based on Theology?

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A frequent (and tragic) trend in modern American Evangelicalism is the devaluing of the importance of quality doctrine and theology. This is evident in many ways in contemporary American Christendom, but fewer moments make this more obvious than when church leaders (and lay people) refuse to objectively (or critically) assess the theology, ideology, and preaching content of many prominent preachers. Many American Christians simply refuse to “pass judgement” on preachers. Is this right or wrong?

After several months off from podcasting, Kenny returns to tackle this important (and apparently controversial) topic. How important is theology? How much does doctrine matter? Is it appropriate to judge preachers’ based on their theology? Or should we only pass judgement on those whom we know well? And is it possible that theology or doctrine can somehow actually get in the way of ministry?

Kenny tackles these questions in this episode, with his ultimate conclusion and statement being a strong, but simple, challenge to all listeners to always objectively exam every church leader’s and every preacher’s doctrine and preaching content, and to seek to make a rational and fair determination as to whether or not the content and doctrine is accurate or erroneous, and allow those determinations to govern how you interact with or talk about that preacher. Kenny also encourages us to be cautious that we never inappropriately or unfairly assault someone’s character.