230: What is an Evangelical Christian?

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With the popularity of non-orthodox Christian theology and modern liberal ideology growing within contemporary Christian circles, there has been a need to label or identify those specific Christian groups and churches which hold closely to the doctrine and ideals of traditional orthodox Christianity. That group has been labeled “Evangelical Christians.”

The Evangelical movement is a worldwide interdenominational movement within Christianity (specifically Protestant Christianity) which seeks to maintain fundamental Christian beliefs and conserve the traditionally embraced elements of the Gospel. Typically, Evangelicals affirm these truths and ideals:

  • Inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture
  • Jesus’ virgin birth, physical death on a cross, and physical resurrection
  • Deity of Christ
  • Every human’s need for faith in Christ alone for salvation
  • Importance of our Christian faith actually governing our daily lives and choices
  • Importance of evangelism (spreading the Gospel to others)

Many people in modern Western society use the terms “Protestant” and “Evangelical” interchangeably, but these two words do not mean the same thing. There are many people whom identify as Protestant but do not embrace the truths and ideals typically embraced by Evangelicals.

It has been estimated by some media outlets that the population of the USA is 38-60% Evangelical, but upon further review we discover that the actual number is probably significantly less than that.


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