167: Who Are the Nephilim? with Tyler Vela

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In Genesis, there is a group called the Nephilim. There has been much speculation as to who this group was. Many evangelicals believe that this group were the offspring of fallen angels whom had sexual relations with human women. But is this what the Scripture says?

In this episode, Kenny interviews author, apologist, podcaster, and philosopher Tyler Vela to talk about the Nephilim and what the Holy Spirit is actually teaching us when we read through a passage like Genesis.

Tyler Vela studied Philosophy and English at California State University, Sonoma. He also earned a Bachelors degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Moody Bible Institute. Currently, Tyler is working towards a Masters of Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte).

Tyler is the host of The Freed Thinker Podcast and blog and is a frequent guest on many Christian and skeptical podcasts and forums.


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