161: How Will We Be Happy in Heaven While We Have Loved Ones in Hell?

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Each person who puts their faith in Christ will spend eternity with Him; basking in the love, joy, and peace of God forever. For all of eternity we shall sing His praises and delight in His glory.

But each person who has trusted Christ surely has at least one person they love (likely many than just one), whom have not trusted in Christ and therefore shall be thrown into the “lake of fire” often called hell.

How is it possible that we will be so happy and so joyful in heaven while we know that some of our loved ones would have been thrown into hell? This is a great question and a very sobering topic.

In this episode, Kenny answers this question by reminding us that when we get to heaven the joy and glory that we experience will be far greater than anything we can even comprehend. The problem with these types of questions is that we view our future in heaven in the same way we view our lives here on planet Earth, and that is flaw. Kenny ends this episode with a reminder of the urgency that we ought to have when we consider the fact that our loved ones who do not know Christ are potentially facing eternity in hell.