159: What is the Sabbath? Does it Apply to Christians?

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The Sabbath was an essential part of the life, culture, and worship for the Hebrew people throughout the pages of the Old Testament; and still remains an essential part of the culture of Israel today.

God mandated that the Hebrew people observe this “once a week” day of rest and reflection; it started Friday evening at sunset and would last for approximately 24 hours, until sunset Saturday evening. Does this mandate still apply to Christians today? Should Christians observe this? And if so, on what day should we observe this?

In this episode, Kenny explains what the Sabbath was in the Old Testament and why God instituted it in the first place. When we understand the purposes for this institution, then it makes more sense how to apply it to our lives today.

The mandate of observing the Sabbath does not apply to Christians today, but the purposes and disciplines related to and associated with the Sabbath are helpful to our lives, our spiritual health, and our relationships, therefore we ought to practice Sabbath rhythms on a regular basis in our lives, especially in light of our busy stressed out culture.