152: Did Jesus Have Children? And What About “The Da Vinci Code?”

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Was Jesus ever married? Did He have any biological children? Was He married to Mary Magdalene? Or was she His concubine? And has there been a massive cover up by the Catholic Church to hide these facts, like we read in Dan Brown’s best-selling fiction novel “The Da Vinci Code?”

In this episode, Kenny answers these questions and talks at length about Dan Brown’s famous novel.

Kenny starts by making it clear that Jesus was not married, and Kenny highlights the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that ought to lead us to assume that Jesus was ever married or that He ever fathered any biological children.

Secondly, Kenny goes through the supposed evidences used by some critics; evidences that supposedly point to the idea that Jesus fathered children. Kenny demonstrates that all of these evidences are fraudulent, hoaxes, or simply absurd. These supposed evidences include:

1) The absurd claims by the early Mormon leaders’ asserting that the ancient Greek philosopher Celsus made a statement about Jesus being a polygamous;

2) The Coptic fragment found in 2012 which is known as “the Gospel of Jesus’ wife” that eventually was proven to be a forgery;

3) The 2008 documentary “Bloodline” by Bruce Burgess that was based on faulty claims by archaeologist Ben Hammott; eventually Hammott issued an apology for his faulty claims. [NOTE: Click here to see statements about Hammott’s claims];

4) A 13th century French monk mentioning that there were some people in his region who hypothesized that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ concubine, but doing so with no real evidence to support any such hypothesis;

5) The “Jesus Scroll” made famous by an Australian radio producer after his travel to Israel in 1970’s to examine the Masada evacuations, but he produced no authentic evidence that the scroll ever even existed.

Third, after going through those five false evidences, Kenny highlights the logical fallacies that critics often argument from in order to make claims that Jesus was married or that He had kids. Kenny finishes the episode by making the point that there is as much evidences for “Abraham Lincoln being a three-eyed Martian” as there is evidence for any supposed biological bloodline of Jesus.