130: Was Job Suicidal?

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Suicide is a controversial topic, as well as a sensitive one for many people, therefore we ought to not be flippant as we dialogue about the subject. With that stated, we know that suicidal thoughts and tendencies are very real in the minds and emotions of many people.

As we examine the Bible, we sometimes see Biblical characters venting or lamenting, and sometimes they even seem suicidal. In this episode, Kenny dives into one specific Bible character that some people say seems suicidal; that is the Old Testament man named Job, whom suffered greatly after God gave Satan permission to attack Job.

After facing much pain and suffering, Job certainly seemed to be “done with life” but to say that he was suicidal doesn’t quite seem fair. Many times Job vented his frustrations to God, he lamented, and he even wrongly cursed the day of his birth, but many times Job would later acknowledge God’s sovereign hand and God’s right to determine when Job would die. Job often acknowledged the power and the majesty of God, which demonstrates that he still trusted God, even in the face of his incredible pain and his feelings of despair.