127: Is It Okay For Christians to Be Cremated?

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In this episode, Kenny answers the questions whether or not it is okay for Christians to be cremated; or is it sinful. As with many topics, Kenny tells us that asking about whether or not it is “okay” is not the right question, but rather we ought to be asking whether or not it is ideal for us.

We know that when we die we will either end up in heaven or hell, our soul leaves our body. But it is important to remember that whatever happens to our body after we are dead has no impact on our eternal destination.

We also know that one Jesus will return to Earth and give new bodies to all those who were united with Him. Our souls will be reunited with our bodies, therefore no matter which we choose, burial or cremation, our new bodies will be perfect.

With all this stated, Kenny recommends we choose burials whenever possible because it follows the biblical pattern followed by the Old Testament saints and the pattern observed by the early Christians.