116: What About Churches that Use Video Preaching?

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Since the late 1990’s, the concept of multi-site/multi-campus churches has grown is great popularity across North America. One model for church “scalability” has been the idea of “video campuses” wherein one campus of a church has a video feed or prerecorded sermon played during the teaching time of a Sunday morning service in lieu of a live communicator. Is this sinful or wrong?

In this episode, Kenny dives into this topic and gives us his thoughts about this specific model of church growth. Kenny makes it clear that he does not necessarily believe it is wrong or sinful for a church to have video preaching, but Kenny asserts that he believes that it is not necessarily the ideal scenario.

Kenny makes it abundantly clear that he does not think that the video campus model is inappropriate, and he concedes that in some cases it can maybe even be a useful tool, but Kenny gives us three reasons why he believes that the video campus model is not the ideal scenario; one practical reason tied to preaching style and tempo, one philosophical reason tied to contextualization, and one theological reason tied to the regulative principle.