112: Is It Okay to Skip Church and Just Watch the Live Stream?

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Along with the expansion of new technologies and new media forums, has also come the availability of new Christian media too. One of the forums that has grown in popularity and availability over the last ten years is the live streaming of church services and sermons.

So this begs the question: Is it okay for me and my family to just skip attending church services, and just watch the live stream at home?

The other related topic involves how much I ought to rely upon preaching and teaching from sources such as YouTube or Podcasts? In this episode, Kenny dives into the question about live streaming as well as listening to sermons from other media platforms. Kenny makes the point that attending church and worshiping with people that you know and are “living life with” is a vital part of the Christian life.

Kenny also highlights the New Testament markers for church gatherings: corporate worship, preaching/teaching, and the sacraments.